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Consequence-A Tribe Called Quence

List Price: 16.97
SKU: 689785302020
Street Date: 07/12/2005
Flag: Domestic
Label: DRAFT
Availability: in stock.

Consequence-A Tribe Called Quence Description
Track Listing:
1 Matchgame Tour Guide
2 Motivators Remix
3 Wordplay Remix
4 The Jam Remix
5 Mind Power Remix
6 Lets Rock and Roll Remix
7 Willy Overnight (Broke Niggaz)
8 Weekendz Remix
9 Niggaz Get Knocked
10 Charge!
11 Electric
12 The Bidding War
13 Itch?
14 [Untitled Track]

Draft Records is proud to present the release of the Consequence mixtape, A Tribe Called Quence Collectors Edition Mixtape. Consequence (the cousin of lead rapper Q-Tip) was a main feature on classic ATCQ albums. On this project, ‘Quence is highlighted via remixes by some of hip-hop’s top producers. The album features appearances and production from Kanye West, 9th Wonder, Q-Tip, Phife, and a host of others. After the break-up of ATCQ, Consequence re-emerged in 2002 with two independent mixtapes The Cons Vol. 1: All Sales are Final and The Cons Vol.2: Make the Game Come to You. But it was his feature on Kanye West’s “Spaceships” from his double platinum album in 2003 that truly bought ‘Quence back into the forefront. In 2004, Consequence and Kanye West teamed back up to release the critically acclaimed mixtape, Take Em To The Cleaner. The mixtape scanned nearly 10,000 units and left people anticipating another release. With the release of A Tribe Called Quence, both eager Consequence fans and ATCQ die-hards alike will be satisfied with the head-nodding remixes. This is a project not to be slept on! - Studio Distribution

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