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Album Reviews

Papa Reu Review
Papa Reu’s fourth full-length set, Life & Music, is his first to be released as part of a joint venture with Sanctuary Urban Records Group. The Trinidadian-born Houston-based artist's claim to fame is the concocting of a different type of flavor called "thug hall" - a unique mix of rap and dancehall.

“The difference with me is I rap, I sing and you can hear the island influence in my voice. The key to my music is that I want people to understand at least 98% of what I say. I want people to be able to go to the club and say my s*&t word for word, even though I’m an island boy.” [read full review]


Platinum Pied Pipers - Triple P

As hip-hop explodes around the globe its only natural that some of the larger metropolises start producing an abundance of talented artists. Take Detroit, which is proving to be far more than just the Slim or the Slum. Enter Waajeed and Saadiq, the Platinum Pied Pipers. Both accomplished musicians, Waajeed garners the most attention as his resume includes being a founding member of Slum Village and frequent Dilla collaborator.

As is the case oft times these days, this album is not straight forward hip-hop by any means. In fact, it is pretty much tried and true soul music that features a few emcees (Jay Dee, MC Invincible, Ta’Raach). But the basslines and drum kicks that propel this album should make any hip-hop worth their spit drool all over their pulsating woofers. “Your Day Is Done” is a scorcher carried by songstress Georgia, but “Deep Inside” turns that into a 4 alarm blaze fueled by dirty, stinky funk. With the help of PPP’s rich thumps, Tiombe Lockhart croons out a better a better R&B song than I’ve heard in years on any commercial outlet with “Stay With Me”. That goes double – better yet, triple – for Rogiers incredible “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” or Zeno’s “Fever” for that matter. [read full review]


Trey Songz - I Gotta Make It

Trey Songz gotta make it...will he make it? In my opinion, definitely! I Gotta Make It, the debut release showcasing VA songbird Trey is the true definition of R&B. Every song featured on the album is sung with heart felt passion that he conveys exquisitely to the listener.

The thoughts and ideas expressed within the album are not those of your typical 20 year old; yet Trey had a hand in writing every song on the album. The lyrical ability displayed within the album denotes a sign of a man well beyond his years, mentally and emotionally. [read full review]


Various Artists - Jermaine Dupri Presents...Young Fly and Flashy

After taking over as President of Virgin Records Urban Jermaine Dupri was just waiting to show what he had in his bag of tricks for the label. He’s produced for just about errybody who is anybody in the biz and has been responsible for makin a few somebodies...though to fall off later.

This CD is definitely a venue for JD to get "hisself" out there with the radio blasted cut "Gotta Getcha", which has been getting much play on the airwaves and Janet blessed video...other than that the CD fall s kinda short to feature so many different MCs and styles. [read full review]


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