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Trey Songz - I Gotta Make It

Thursday - August 04, 2005

Talithia Kelly

Trey Songz gotta make it...will he make it? In my opinion, definitely! I Gotta Make It, the debut release showcasing VA songbird Trey is the true definition of R&B. Every song featured on the album is sung with heart felt passion that he conveys exquisitely to the listener.

The thoughts and ideas expressed within the album are not those of your typical 20 year old; yet Trey had a hand in writing every song on the album. The lyrical ability displayed within the album denotes a sign of a man well beyond his years, mentally and emotionally.

I Gotta Make It is a unique blend of R&B soul and funk with a mix of Trey Songz’ spicy creativity and originality. A combination of hot production, smooth flowing vocals, and strong lyrics makes this a tight album. In comparison with an R&B market that is already oversaturated with copy cats and imitations, I Gotta Make It, is a CD that eschews a breath of fresh air. This is the CD that the industry has been waiting for. It’s time to continue the restoration of true R&B and Songz’ is making a good start.

Five songs into the album and not a single use of the skip button which is rare. There are not too many CDs where you can listen to every song more than once. Of course, on every album there are always favorites. I Gotta Make It is comprised of 17 tracks, one of which is an intro, a prelude, and a reprise. Out of the remaining 14 tracks I have 3 favorites which again is rare. Every song offers something different and is a far cry from the predictable drum patterns and repetitious melodies that we’ve all come accustomed to.

Every song expresses a true male’s point of view from cheating to heart aches and down right getting it on. However, the lyrics are done in a manner that stays within the context of respectability. In a world where sex has gone wild Trey delivers intimacy to a 3rd power with genuine sincerity. Authentic lyrics and a powerful play on words put into perspective the sexual thoughts of a young man fresh out of teen hood. Everybody from mothers to grandmothers, baby daddies, pimps and hustlers can relate to at least one or more of the songs on the album.

Trey’s signature ‘OOOO, WOO’ is symbolic, ironically enough, of a young R. Kelly with just a hint of Ginuwine, but don’t get it twisted. Trey Songz is not an imitation or a copy cat. His album boasts of pure originality. The song Kinda Lovin especially shows the similarities between R. Kelly and Trey Songz. Again, Trey Songz is by no means a copy cat of R. Kelly, but the styles of particular songs on the album remind you of a younger version of R. Kelly in the making. Is that possible? It is, very possible.

If there were such a thing as a hot meter this album would be rated as VOLCANIC! Now that’s hot. If you don’t believe me cop the CD and find out for yourself. I don’t mean burn it, download it, or borrow it from a friend. Go to the closest retailer to you and purchase the CD. It is an all around universal CD that was made for the enjoyment of all adults; men and women alike. It is a worth while investment and I bet you will have this one in heavy rotation on the disc changer.

Not only is this a good CD to have in your car, but a couple of tracks off the album will probably make some babies. It is absolutely a chill CD that will help you to rewind from a long stressful day at the office and get your mind off all your problems.

The release of I Gotta Make It challenges other R&B artists both lyrically and vocally to step up their music game. Songs such as: Cheat On You, From A Woman’s Hand, and In the Middle prove such a challenge. Trey Songz has laid the foundation and now it’s time for others to build upon it. The bar has been raised. Now the question is are other artists willing to attempt a high jump over this bar or will they continue to walk under it? Only time will tell.

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