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Me Being Me (CD) (2005)

Artist: Frayser Boy

Label: Asylum (USA)

Genre: R&B - R&B

Album Description: No Description Available
Album Description
Personnel: Frayser Boy (rap vocals); Chrome, Lil Wyte, Mike Jones , Paul Wall , Boogie Mane (rap vocals).

The second album by Memphis rapper Frayser Boy, ME BEING ME continues the lyrical and stylistic threads he started on his own debut and the records of his mentors the Three 6 Mafia. But this album is sharper than GONE ON THAT BAY, which at times played like Dirty South-by-numbers. Tracks like the slamming single "I Got Dat Drank," with its guest shots from Southern rap phenoms Mike Jones and Paul Wall, and "Summe Tyme" are pretense-free party raps in the hardcore tradition, practically screaming for the inevitable chopped-and-screwed remix. Meanwhile, the darker "I Am a Problem" and "Stay Focused" keep Frayser Boy's street cred intact, while "Seen Thangs" has the edgy introspection of some of Ice Cube's best early work.

Track Listing
1. Intro: Me Being Me
2. I Got Dat Drank - (with Mike Jones/Paul Wall)
3. Water - (with Lil Wyte)
4. Niggas In Da Hood
5. Stay Focused
6. You Smell That
7. Summe Tyme
8. My Smokin Session - (with Boogie Mane)
9. Fu'kem
10. AIn't Nothin Changed
11. Seen Thangs
12. Get Knocked Da Fu'k Out
13. She Got Me Sayin Damn - (with Chrome)
14. Serious
15. Ridin
16. I Am A Problem
17. If She A Hoe
18. Posse Song (H.C.P)
19. Outro

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