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Hip-Hop Execs, Producers & Artists Show Hopefuls 'Secrets To' Biz

8/1/2005 - Hip-Hop Execs, Producers & Artists Show Hopefuls 'Secrets To' Biz

Screenwriter Michael Elliot has taken his creative juices into a different direction with the formation of a new DVD line with DreamSpring Entertainment Inc.

The “Secrets to…” DVD series is a how-to guide that will feature established industry individuals from various realms of entertainment including television, film, fashion and radio.

Industry representatives from Shady Records, G-Unit, Violator management, Sean Jean and others will reveal an insider’s view to success in entertainment.

Elliot said that most people do not have the proper knowledge when pursuing their goals in the entertainment industry.

“What prevents most people from making their dreams come true is not a lack of desire, passion or commitment, it’s simply not knowing how to make their dreams come true, not knowing where to begin or how to break in,” Elliot said. “DreamSpring is going to change that.”

Elliot’s film resume includes “Brown Sugar” and “MTV’S Hip-Hopera: Carmen,” which starred Most Def, Mekhi Phifer and Beyonce Knowles.

These releases include “DreamSpring Secrets to Getting a Record Deal,” "DreamSpring Secrets to Being a Working DJ," “DreamSpring Secrets to Careers in the Urban Fashion Industry,” and other related titles.

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