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A.K.-The Teflon Don

List Price: 16.97
SKU: 620673254724
Street Date: 06/21/2005
Flag: Domestic
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A.K.-The Teflon Don Description
Track Listing:
1 Intro
2 We Count Racks (feat Messy Marv)
3 Makin' History
4 Danger (feat Freako, Precise, and Casino)
5 What We Do (feat Casino)
6 Neck & Brains (feat Zo)
7 Knock Bad Bi#*@%@
8 Get That Money
9 How We Roll (feat C Bo, Phatts Boss, and Young Meek)
10 We Dem Ni#@**#@
11 Watch Out (feat FBI)
12 Came To Party (feat JDK and Freako)
13 In My Lifetime (feat Zo)
14 Crushin' & Headbustin' (feat Chil Bola and Skitz)
15 Lyfe (feat Chil Bola and Skitz)
16 Can't Trust You (feat Solja Boys)

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