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Biggest Dating Mistakes that Men Should Avoid

You are good to get new dates, but things doesn't seem to go smoothly while you are with her. You don't see her again and then you move to the next one only to repeat the same experience? Something is wrong isn't it? Not with you personally, but with your attitude! This article discusses common mistakes that men make while dating girls. (Women's mistakes while dating is theme for another article.) 1) Men try too much to impress. Usually men try to impress their date as much as possible, telling her about his nice car, how much he earns, how much he has achieved at work, etc.

Don't try to impress by what you have, instead try to show what you are. 2) Men drink too much. This mistake seems to be quite obvious. You shouldn't drink too much and make you look like an alcoholic, even if she drinks a lot too! If you use to drink at dates because it makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed, try to do it with measure. 3) Men don't listen to women. Men talk all night about themselves, and when she talks he doesn't allow her to finish and interrupts her.

Try changing appproach and you listen to her. Ask questions and show interest in her. Women love it! One big mistake is going out and spending a lot of time on a cell phone or a blackberry. If it keeps ringing, turn it off. Let your voice mail take your calls. 4) Men are not chivalrous.

Many men consider that being a gentlemen is something from the past that is no longer important, useful or appreciated by modern women. Well, they are wrong. Women still appreciate men who are gentlemen, opening and closing the car door for the woman is an easy way to earn points. Men shouldn't exaggerate though.

5) Men fail to take initiative. Women dislike when men don't have ideas to offer, or don't show motivation. If she wants to go out and share some time with you, you should never say "I don't know what to do!" Instead you should propose some dating ideas and ask her to choose from. You don't have to come out with the best ideas in the world, just show that you are making an effort. 6) Telling lies. This is a common one, unfortunately.

Never play games with women. Sooner or later you will be discovered and her disappointment will be big. Most women appreciate a man who is sincere and stands by his word and action, and treats others the way they would like to be treated.

Most men never want to admit their mistakes. Sometimes admitting a mistake just shows you're brave enough to acknowledge it, but creating a million excuses will not play to your favor. Of course this is only general advice, and since every male or female person are different, it's up to the couple to make it understood what they want or prefer. Communication will finally help the couple progress in their relationship, or have it finished because of lack of compatibility.

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