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Learn Spanish in Ensenada with Students from Around the World

People from all over the world come to learn Spanish in Ensenada, in Mexico. Ensenada is a port city, located 75 miles south of San Diego, in Baja California. It has the ambiance of a small town and it is known for its friendly and helpful people.

It has a carnival and many festivals, which include the Festival of New Wine and Oysters, the Taco and Beer Festival, etc. Ensenada is located next to the Guadalupe Valley, which is Mexico's main wine producing area. It is the starting point of the well known Baja off-road races. In Ensenada, you can enjoy the blue sky, the bright Baja sunshine and the cool Pacific breeze. Ensenada offers surfing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, whale watching cruises and much more. You can dine at the many restaurants, hunt for bargains at the duty free shops, or visit a disco.

While you learn Spanish in Ensenada, you can participate in many cultural activities. You can visit museums and other places, with a historical or cultural significance. Spanish Language Immersion Courses Language immersion courses are considered to be the most effective method of learning a second language. Learners are required to speak in the second language and to avoid using their first language to communicate. Learners use whatever limited skills they have in the second language. They learn by speaking and listening, rather than by studying the second language.

Spanish Language Schools in Ensenada Some of the language schools where you can learn Spanish in Ensenada are mentioned here. The Baja California Language College offers an immersion program for small groups of people, who want to learn Spanish. There is a private immersion program for people who want to learn quickly.

Immersion programs are also offered for executives, healthcare professionals, teenagers and children. College credits are available. The Center of Languages offers Spanish language courses in Ensenada. There are courses for small groups as well as for individuals. The teachers are native speakers of Spanish, with a college education.

Learners can live with a host family. Specialized courses are available for groups of professionals. University accredited courses are also available.

If you learn Spanish in Ensenada, you can practice speaking with native speakers while enjoying the local sites and culture. You are immersed in the Spanish language and culture even when you are not in the classroom. This can help you to gain proficiency quickly and with less effort.

Jim Zorn is web master of the Spanish Learning Guide. Please visit to find out more about learning Spanish through local schools, studying abroad and educational technologies. http://www.spanish-learning-guide.com

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Learn Spanish in Ensenada with Students from Around the World - People from all over the world come to learn Spanish in Ensenada, in Mexico.


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