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The College Tutor now accepts authors for Online Textbooks

The world is changing, and the scope of education is changing with it. Something that did not exist 10 years ago is fast becoming a growing trend in the world of education, which is called interchangeably online education, or distance education. Through the Internet, programs like the College Tutor have the potential to economically reach many more students and broaden the scope of education across the entire planet.

Online training is a popular method for learning new skills not only for students, but for teachers as well. With this Web-based training opportunity at their disposal, teachers can have virtual classrooms using the lessons in the Amelox College Tutor. Teachers are able to assign homework and create exams through the College Tutor databases, which can then be given in class or securely over the Internet. The student who is laid up in a hospital can still take the test together with all other students at the appointed time.

The College Tutor provides regular textbook chapters, which are followed up by questions and answers. These answers provide the rationale for why an answer is correct and why the others are not for high-intensity but convenient learning. Enter a short phrase, and instantly paragraphs show up where that phrase is used, similar to a glossary of terms. The College Tutor also provides an opportunity for students to come together in a common online community through Amelox Forums to exchange ideas and questions with the teacher, and to help each other understand complex concepts in the course. Distance education allows many who are unable to travel to a particular school because of time or money constraints the opportunity to get the training they would otherwise miss out on.

Since the College Tutor accepts sound, graphics, and video, the sky is the limit as to what individuals can learn in this multi-medium environment, but authors are needed to ensure that all the important subjects can be covered. This fast, secure, and economical online training method is the wave of the educational future and College Tutor authors are needed to help ensure that everyone who wants to learn a particular subject can do so. Whether one wants to learn a foreign language such as French, Arabic, or Farsi, how to complete intricate mechanical assemblies, study academic or corporate subjects, or learn military weapons systems, the College Tutor is the unsurpassed vehicle for such tasks. If writing is something you like to do, and you want to help individuals reach their full potential through online training, then why not think about being a college tutor author? Being a textbook author enhances job security, prestige, recognition by peers, and often brings lucrative consulting contracts from Government agencies and corporations.

If you want to be at the forefront of modern education, apply to be an Amelox College Tutor author today. It could mean a world of difference for individuals who are hoping to become all they can be through distance education. Contact Amelox Incorporated for more information on the author program by clicking on the link above.

Author: Rolf Seebach Company: Amelox Incorporated Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA Email: rws@amelox.com Who we are: http://www.amelox.com/about.htm

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