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Dont be Fooled by Rouge Music Download Sites

Downloading music has begun one of the most sought out reasons for exploring the Internet! Slow modem or extremely fast broadband connection, anyone can download a 3 megabyte song. With the advent of increasing technology, you can enjoy music on the go with such devices as: iPod, Smartphone, PSP and others. Walmart.com provides users with the option of downloading music in mp3 or WMA format, which is compatible with iTunes. You choose between a song and a collection of albums to download.

This method is a little less expensive than the store. Of course you will have to become a member of Walmart.com before, you can download music.

They do offer you a free newsletter for information on music news and sales. There had recently been a battle between musicians and recording companies with several websites that were offering music downloads illegally. However, since then there has been a dramatic decrease of music piracy.

If you still think getting music downloads illegally is still the best way to go there are a few things you need to consider. When you get music downloads you are also most definitely downloading viruses, malicious code and spyware onto your computer. In addition, if that happens there goes your music player. The Internet police are still looking out for rouge music downloading. Have you heard of the 12 year old kid that was sought after and sued by music industry giants for downloading and selling copyright music? No one is immune to the law, so beware of rogue sites. There is also a moral issue here.

Downloading music without paying for it is stealing from the music artists who work so hard to create quality songs for their fans. Legal music downloads are secure and spyware free. The copyright holders and the artists get their share of the revenue as well.

No more going to music stores or retail stores fishing through thousands of CD's to find the song you want by the original artist. All you need to do is go to a legal music download website and download until your heart's content. You can even preview a song or an album before you download it. No being stuck with a lot of songs you don't want just because you wanted the main song on the CD.

The largest advantage online music services have over your traditional music store locations is that there are no constraints with music downloading. You can download a song any time you like and as much as you desire. You also receive much more options in terms of music selection. There are also sites that specialize in certain genres like: yoga, Christian, country, meditation and Hip Hop. There are several payment options on these music services. Some will charge you an one-time for unlimited free music downloads.

Then there are some that will charge a monthly subscription fee and/or a pay per download fee. When you get music downloads you can burn CD's and create your own special mix of your favorite songs to create CD's for that special someone, music to work out with or for a special holiday or anniversary.

Isaiah Henry is a guru in the music industry; he has written such reviews on Rhapsody. Go to Any Music Downloads for unlimited download music.

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