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Great Features Of An iPhone

Learn More About Great Featured iPhone An iPhone is a new generation mobile phone with features like Internet connectivity, camera phone, music player, touch screen, Safari and YouTube feature. An iPhone is a multi-media mobile phone enabled with Internet and is marketed and designed by the Apple Inc. With virtual buttons and keyboard, the multi-touch screen has nominal input of hardware components. The functions of an iPhone include those of an iPod, camera phones, visual voice-mailing and text messaging. The Internet services provided by iPhones include e-mailing, local WiFi connecting and web browsing.

After being announced as the Invention of the year 2007 by the Time Magazine, an iPhone 3G was released in June 2008 which supported 3G standard of phones and included assisted GPS. An iPhone 3G can support HSDPA and UMTS but not HSUPA network. The 'Home screen' features various applications that are SMS, calendar, camera, photos, YouTube, Maps, Stocks, Weather, Calculator, Clock, iTunes, Notes and Settings. The applications that dock to the screen base delineate the main purposes of the iPhone, which are Mail, Phone, iPod and Safari. An iPhone allows call holding, audio conferencing, caller ID, call emerging and integrating with other features and functions of cellular network.

US introduced a special ringtone features, which allows the users to customize their ringtones that they have purchased in their iTunes music library. The music library layout is similar to that of an iPod with larger fonts and sections divided alphabetically. Just like an iPod nano, an iPhone may sort the media library by artists, songs, albums, playlists, videos, genres, podcasts, composers, compilations and audiobooks. Scrolling can be done by swiping your finger on the screen.

An iPhone also supports the gapless playback feature and allows the users to download a song from iTunes Store right on their iPhone. By default, an iPhone will ask the users to join Wi-Fi network and in order to unlock it, the users will have to enter a password. Initially, an iPhone was only sold with SIM lock but hackers have discovered methods to unlock it and even sell unlocked phones. The ever-present Internet connectivity offered by an iPhone is widely used by the users all over the world and Google has reported that an iPhone generates double the amount of search requests in comparison to other handset mobiles. The Safari web browsing facility available on an iPhone enables the users to access Internet allowing them to view the web pages in landscape as well portrait mode and supporting automatic zoom. The e-mail program of an iPhone supports HTML e-mailing, enabling the users to attach photos with their e-mail messages.

Word, Excel and PDF attachments can also be seen on this phone. Photos can also be uploaded, viewed and e-mailed through an iPhone. The users can zoom in and zoom out of the photos by pinching and unpinching them through its multi-touch interface. The software program can interact with the iPhoto on Photoshop as well as Mac. Apple also provides a specialized version of OSX on three of the devices produced by it: iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV. Mac OSX can be available in different languages including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Korean in addition to Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Tom Jones is author of this article on iPhone. Find more information about iPhone here.

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