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Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse YeeHa Ride Em Cowboy

Rocking horses such as the Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse have been a magical part of childhoods for many, many years. Not only do these traditional toys develop large muscle coordination, rocking horses allow the imagination of a child to take control. Stories are created and fantasies are lived as children rock away on these beloved playthings.

Rocking horses foster the healthy development of large motor skills and coordinated movement through the physical activity involved. Social and emotional skills are enhanced through pretend play. Playing with a rocking horse can aid the development of cognitive problem solving skills in young children as well. The Radio Flyer company, established in 1917 in Chicago, is known across the world for their original designs of large, wheeled toys. Radio Flyer rocking horses are one of the most popular brands of toy horses available.

Radio Flyer pays special attention to small details to make their rocking horses even more realistic. The rocking horse line features a small number of styles, each with enhanced safety features and smooth movement. The Liberty Spring Horse is based on the design of the classic rocking horse and built with the quality of Radio Flyer products. The Spring Horse is mounted on a wide, four legged base to ensure stability on most surfaces.

All springs and moving parts are completely covered to prevent accidental finger injuries. The Liberty looks almost real with beautifully painted features and a tail and mane made out of real yarn. The classic rocking horse is ready to ride with a genuine riding saddle strapped across her back. The Spring Horse grows along with the child. The rocking horse is designed for children as young as two years old.

As the child grows, the built in step can be used to easily get on and off the horse. The sturdy leg stirrups can be adjusted to three different positions, allowing children to ride the rocking horse until six years of age. Because children love the enchantment of sound, Radio Flyer now offers the Liberty Spring Horse with sound. Little ones can pretend to ride away into the sunset with realistic sound effects. The electronic sounds are motion activated, ensuring hours of creative fun. The rocking horse features special safety straps securely attached to the frame to prevent a fall.

Little ones can enjoy a lot of adventures with a Liberty Spring Horse. Little cowboys can ride the range, protecting their animals from the bad guys. A princess can ride her magical horse through the forest where she stops to pick flowers while the racer spurs his horse on to the finish line. The Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse promises a childhood full of fun and creative imaginative play. Rocking horses produce great childhood memories.

The Liberty Spring Horse can easily become a significant part of a childs life. The durability and fine craftsmanship of Radio Flyer products mean the Liberty Spring Horse can be passed down through generations of creative little ones, allowing those memories to be relived again and again.

Gary Clay is an authority on Radio Flyer and owner of MonkeyShine an approved UK Radio Flyer Stockist,

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