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Valentines Poems Dowload the Audio Files

Why not give a Valentines poem that can be loaded on the iPod or MP3 player, your Valentine can listen to it forever, hearing romantic words, given by you, when they miss you. Valentines is that special time of the year for lovers; it has a very emotional charm. The prickly sentiments that a Valentines gift generates, the reasurance that couples - old and newly wed - receive when they select a special Valentines gift for their loved one, all that is difficult to put into appropriate words.

Writing the right lines on a Valentines card can be quite a chore. Sure, you can write a few short lines like i.e.

'Roses come in Red or Pink, They are very Pretty, Don't you think?' but that may not really have the desired effect. If you're short of words, don't despair. Poets and song writers have spent uncounted hours perfecting their poems to tell their beloved one how much they appreciate them, what they mean for them and their live and how they can not live anymore without them. Naturally they did that in much more poetic word than what I write here.

So why not choose a selection of these Valentines Poems as an unconventional Valentines gift. Together with flowers, these bautiful poems make a very touching gift. You can be sure that these Valentines Poems will be treasured by any lover receiving them, especially if he or she is romantically inclined.

And aren't we all when we're in love? Poems read to your loved one have a special way of touching the soul and evoking emotions. The narrators who read these poems add to this effect, they perfectly match the mood of these poems and emphasize the lines in a way that lets feeling and phantasy develop freely. A poem can paint a thousand images in the mind's eye! Valentines poems come in printed form, in very nice booklets, or - and that is new for 2007 - they can be downloaded as audio files that fit on a cell phone, iPod or MP3 player. The collection 'A Dozen Red Roses: 12 Valentines Poems' is my favourite.

It contains a wide variety of different, all very beautiful, poems. You can be sure that they will touch the right cords in the heart of the person reciving your Valentines gift. These twelve poems can also be downloaded individually, making them a nice and not too expensive gift to add to chocolates, flowers or any other, more conventional gifts.

Uploading the audio files with the Valentines poems to the iPod or MP3 player is easy and only takes a few minutes, and your Valentine will have these files with her / him forever to listen to your precious gift whenever they feel like it and miss you!.

Rolf C. Zimmerli is the author; he is is the publisher of the www.AudioBooksCorner.com online book store the online audio book shop with a wide choice of quality audio books from 'A' like Arts & Drama to 'B' like Biographies to 'V' like Valentines poems.

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