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When Darkness Falls

An absence of light - that's the definition of darkness. When the power suddenly goes off in the middle of a thunder storm, the first thing you grope for is the nearest flashlight. Trouble is, groping around in the black fog is not easy. Trying hard to focus on your pursuit of that light source, you stumble along, not entirely sure where the doorway is and what lies in between.

You soon realize that things somehow do not appear to be in the same place as they were in the light. One flicker; that's all it takes! One little match; one candle dispels all the confusion; the stumbling and bumping into things. Darkness holds us as a grip around our heads.

It causes us to fear, think of the worst; and confuses our sense of direction. With our feet treading very slowly, hands outstretched and head bent, we exhibit an expression of defeat, helplessness and solitude. This is the way we may feel - if only for one moment while reaching for the nearest flashlight or candle. With this picture in mind, we can only begin to faintly imagine the prison so many precious souls find themselves in. They're behind the bars of depression and hopelessness. They cannot see; their thoughts are distorted by their darkness and their hands reach out - groping - but neither finding nor able to embrace what they so desperately need.

They're withdrawn by fear. But the Bible says that "When I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness the Lord shall be a light unto me (Mi.7:8). Be encouraged, then. Be strong and refuse to listen to the dark thoughts. You know, sad and bad thoughts actually change our chemical balance.

How we process our thoughts has a lot to do with changing our personalities from happy-go-lucky to depressed. No need to go into the medical and biochemical jargon about it here. There are tomes of information available in the medical journals to corroborate that claim. In simple, layman's terminology, we can take a hold of the thoughts that keep pulling us back into the unfortunate happenings of the past or the negative reports of ill health and even death. You can be empowered to be in charge of your own happiness.

It is not hard, but it takes consistency, faith and perseverance. Once you know you can, you'll want to have it, and before you know it, you will have your wish! Just remember; darkness is only the absence of light. All you need is one tiny spark.

The light of the body is the eye; when the eye is focused properly, the whole body is in the light (Mat.6:22). You have the power to turn on the light. According to Psalm 18:28, the Lord God will enlighten your darkness.

The more you reach out to Him, the more you shall be bathed in light!.

Ann Stewart, author of With Wings as Eagles, has 'been there; and done that." She now devotes all her time and energy to share her victory over distress and seemingly hopeless situations with you. Get your complimentary copy of her newsletter here: http://www.lifealteringwords.com.

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